Nano Engineering Minor Curriculum

Students choosing to minor in NanoEngineering will complete the core sequence which consists of three senior elective lecture and lab courses.

Furthermore, the program participants will enroll in one-semester special topic course that will enable them to gain firsthand experience in conducting scientific research working side-by-side with the graduate students and faculty.

The minimum enrollment standards to participate in the program will include junior standing and a GPA of 3.0 or better. The selection is be based on past academic performance and promise for engineering-related research.


CHEME / ECE / MECE 5319 (lecture) / 5119 (lab) - Introduction to Nanotechnology

CHEME / ECE / MECE 5320 (lecture) / 5120 (lab) - Introduction to Nanomaterials Engineering

CHEME / ECE / MECE 5321 (lecture) / 5121 (lab) - Design and Fabrication at Nanoscale

CHBE / MECE / ECE 4398 Special Problems (NEMO Research)

* Design project is not required to complete the Minor. While not a part of the program, special effort will be undertaken to enable nanoengineering based design projects.