The Center for Nanomagnetic System is continuously looking for talented individuals with undergraduate degrees in Electrical Engineering, Physics, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, who are interested in pursuing graduate research and education in nanotechnology with an emphasis on nanomagnetic materials, devices, and systems.

The research at the Center for Nanomagnetic Systems is highly interdisciplinary and allows our students to acquire solid background in electrical engineering, materials science and engineering, chemical engineering, physics, and chemistry.

The students at the Center for Nanomagnetic Systems are supported on a competitive basis through various means including fellowships, research assistantships, and teaching assistantships.

Inquiries and applications (statement of interest, resume, transcript) should be sent to

Prof. Dmitri Litvinov, Director
Electrical and Computer Engineering
N308 Engineering Building 1
University of Houston
Houston, TX 77204

Fax: (713) 743 - 0544
Email: nanomag [at] uh.edu

Please note that one has to be enrolled, admitted, or applying to one of the graduate programs at the University of Houston to be considered for a position at the Center. Applications sent to the Center do not substitute standard application procedures required by the graduate programs.