NEMO Equipments

Airflow Supreme Fume Hood (with SCS G3 Spin Coater and C-MAG HS 7 Magnetic Stirrer inside)

The airflow fume hood is designed to limit exposure to hazardous or toxic fumes, vapors or dusts.

C-MAG HS 7 Magnetic Stirrer

Magnetic stirrer with heating and ceramic heating plate which offers excellent chemical resistance. It features: 1) powerful motor for stirring quantities of up to 10 l (H2O); 2) fixed safety circuit of 550 °C; 3) hot top indicator >> hot surface warning to prevent burns; 4) exact temperature setting via digital display; 5) bushing for connecting a contact thermometer, enables precise temperature control; 6) digital error code display; 7) elevated control panel for protection against leaking liquids.

Home-built Thermal Evaporation Chamber

Equipped with a turbo-molecular pump and a mechanical pump, the base pressure of the chamber can go to 10-6 torr. Thin films of a variety of metals can be prepared.

Keithley 2400 SourceMeter

Keithley’s Model 2400 SourceMeter is designed specifically for test applications that demand tightly coupled sourcing and measurement. The SourceMeter provides precision voltage and current sourcing as well as measurement capabilities. It combines a precise, low-noise, highly stable DC power supply with a low-noise, highly repeatable, high-impedance multimeter. It has 0.012% basic accuracy with 5th digit resolution. The result is a compact, single-channel, DC parametric tester. In operation, these instruments can act as a voltage source, a current source, a voltage meter, a current meter, and an ohmmeter.

Olympus BH2 Microscope

The Olympus’s BH2 series Microscope is a research-level microscope. The 160 millimeter tube length optics are configured for Köhler illumination when coupled to Long Barrel series objectives and the extensive line of substage condensers. Standard equipment on this microscope included 10x widefield high eyepoint eyepieces having a field number of 20, precentered halogen lamps, aspherical collector lenses, and fully enclosed light paths designed to exclude dirt and dust. It is equipped with Olympus Neo SPlan series objectives (5X, 10X, 20X and 50X) and AmScope MU500 Digital Camera.

PDC-32G Plasma Cleaner

PDC-32G Plasma Cleaner is a compact, inexpensive tabletop plasma instrument with a redesigned hinged door and viewing window, active fan cooling and improved metering valve, suitable for nanoscale surface cleaning and activation of small samples.

SCS G3 Spin Coater

The SCS G3 Spin Coater is a compact spin coater for low production spin coating applications and experimentation. It provides the ability to hold the product wafer with a vacuum chuck and spin that chuck at precise speeds and for controlled periods of time. Operations are extremely repeatable and are settable to 0.1 second. The chuck is indexed back to its initial position at the end of each cycle, so that each wafer may be oriented the same way on the chuck.

Shimadzu UV-1800 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

The UV-1800 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer is a compact double beam system which offers the high resolution of 1 nm. It can be used both as a standalone instrument and as a PC controlled instrument. It is equipped with USB memory connectivity which allows analysis of data on the PC using its ‘UVprobe’ software. It has two operating modes: 1) The photometric mode measures absorbance or transmittance at a single or multiple wavelengths (up to 8 wavelengths); 2) Spectrum mode gives sample spectra using wavelength scanning. Data processing operations like enlargement or reduction of the spectra, peak detection and area calculation are also possible.

Ted Pella 108 Auto Sputter Coater

108 Auto Sputter Coater is ideally suited for high quality coating of non-conducting samples for standard SEM imaging. The added functionality of the automatic features enable fine grain coating on a range of samples with a choice of target materials. The automatic purge and leak functions together with the optional MTM-20 High Resolution Thickness Controller offer consistent thickness for optimized conductive coating results. Cool, fine-grain sputtering is achieved with a very efficient low voltage DC magnetron head. The quick change target method allows a range of metals to be used.

Thermal Evaporator Control

Three control or monitor panels: (1) Control of turbo molecular pump and vacuum gauge, (2) current control, (3) film thickness monitoring.

West-Bond 7476D Wire Bonder

7476D Wire Bonder provides the precision and control for the smallest, most accurate loop formations. A simple exchange of wire clamp assemblies, provided with specified models, allows conventional 45° wire feed, deep access 90° wires feed, and single point tab/lead bonding. All programmed bond variables and machine settings for each tool head are retained in memory and retrieved automatically upon conversion. Features include programmable dual force (high or low), bond tool positioning utility, pneumatic braking of Z and Y axes during bonding, and radiant tool heat. Available with adjustable height platform.

Xtronic 7000 Soldering Stations

"4 In 1" Fully Digital Hot Air Rework & Soldering Station, Fume Extractor & Vacuum Pick Up Tool. It features a 70 watt soldering iron with a temp range of 200°C - 480°C, and a 500 watt hot air gun with temp range of 100°C - 480°C. The Fume Extraction System offers high performance extraction of solder fumes mounted 1/4" from the tip of the soldering iron. It also features a Static Safe, Ergonomic Vacuum Pick-up Tool to handle SMT Components.